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A Certificate of Competence is a document issued by a Certification Body or a Training Company which certifies the competence of a person in a given field of activity, against the requirements of a publicly available standard.

To be registered in ISAS data-bases, a Certificate of Competence must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Issuance by an Accredited Certification Body / Accredited Training Company
  • Accredited Training Curriculum (if any)
  • Procedure of issuance giving the guarantee of an in depth evaluation of the competence of the candidate by independent accredited entities
  • Validity of the Certificate limited to 3 years maximum
  • Well defined process of renewal
  • Agreement of the candidate to publish the certificate on the Web
The Certificates of Competence currently registered by ISAS are dealing with the following sectors of activity:
  • Certification Auditors (Quality Management Systems)
  • Certification Auditors (Products and Services)
  • Quality System Managers
  • Internal Quality System Auditors
  • ISO 9000:2000 transition
  • EPIQCS Degrees