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The Media and Society Foundation in Geneva cooperated with two other organizations to develop a new international standard for broadcasting: the Canadian-based, not-for-profit World Radio and Television Council (, and ISAS ( 

The result is ISAS BC 9001, dedicated to radio and television broadcasting as well as related Internet content. ISAS BC 9001 was adapted from the well-known ISO 9001 standard, which in less than 10 years has succeeded in certifying 500,000 companies, both public and private, in 160 countries, and which is now recognized as the world reference for management systems. ISAS BC 9001 will not certify specific programmes. Instead, it will focus on broadcasting companies, measuring the degree to which they meet the following criteria:
  • Independence and transparency of management
  • Promotion and respect for ethical rules
  • Representation of national minorities
  • Universal access
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Quality and accuracy of information
  • Quality and diversity of other types of programming
  • Satisfaction of viewers-listeners
  • Social relevance
For each of these criteria ISAS BC 9001 sets specific objectives. Any broadcast organization that aims to meet these standards may apply to be audited by independent, accredited professionals. If the audit is positive, the Media and Society Foundation will deliver a Conformity Certificate valid for three years, with an annual conformity check.

What are the benefits for broadcasters?

The main benefit of any ISO certification is a stronger, better managed organization: more responsive to customers, more capable of delivering quality, more reactive to change and in the long run more likely to survive and prosper.  The benefits specific to broadcasting include:
  • Greater credibility with viewers and listeners
  • Better access to sources of information
  • The ability to attract and motivate high-quality journalists
  • Independent recognition of the contribution to social development and democracy
Complete information about Certification scheme will be available from October 1st, 2003 at