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aibdBy Mrs. Manil Cooray, Deputy Director, AIBD

AIBD was recertified as meeting the requirements of ISAS BCP 9001: 2010. The certification is valid until October 2015 and includes AIBD’s quality management systems and its core activities in training, consultancy, publication, content production, conference and workshop organization.

The certification body in Malaysia was SGS Sdn Bhd Systems & Services Certification affiliated to ISAS and Media and Society Foundation (MSF) in Geneva, Switzerland.

sgs certificateThe certificate includes ISO 9001: 2008 and ISAS BC 9001: 2003 which was originally awarded to AIBD by MSF in 2009. This certificate of conformity certified that AIBD’s management system was duly assessed and found compliant with the requirements of the international standards.

ISAS BCP standard is a universal quality management standard for broadcasting and press. MSF created the BCP 9001 standard for broadcasting in 2003 and was the main impetus behind the creation of the P 9001 standard for the press in 2005. Its ongoing role consists of maintaining the standards and promoting the related certification systems worldwide. The Foundation merged the two existing standards into one covering broadcasters, the press and new media under the reference ISAS BCP 9001: 2010. The purpose was to maintain independence and accuracy of information, quality and creativity of programmes and publications that are key to the mission of the media industry.

The continuous improvement process by AIBD’s stakeholders, partners, together with the delegated staff members of the Institute has ensured the credibility and evidence to maintain the quality management system for AIBD as a center of excellence for media development by achieving the ISAS BCP 9001:2010 certification.