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The Association for Assessment and accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International has accredited the DEVELOPMENT CENTER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY from Taiwan.


The Restaurant Association of Singapore intends to rank and accredit local cuisine chefs, in accordance with the government's call for skills upgrading through the National Skills Recognition System.


AIR EVAC SERVICES has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS): this accreditation process is focused on quality of patient care and safety of the transport environment.

ALPHA THERAPEUTIC SERVICES achieved accreditation from the JOINT COMMISSION ON ACCREDITATION OF HEALTHCARE ORGANISATIONS for the quality of the services provided in home care , clinical pharmacy and nurse case management.

AMERICA HEALTH HMO received accreditation from National Committee Quality Assurance for the quality o the services in health and medical.

The Information Technology Security Laboratory from LGS GROUP has met all the US and Canadian government accreditation under the US National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP).

The NATIONAL COOPERATION FOR LABORATORY ACCREDITATION (NACLA) and NIST signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of a national system for laboratory accreditation.


Seven local hospitals will receive hospital accreditation certificates from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri in order to assure health consumers that services available in Thailand.


The "QUALITY ASSURANCE" recognition has been given to the Biotechnology and Food Research Centre (BFRC) of PCSIR Laboratories of Pakistan. This recognition, given by the Japanese Health and Welfare Ministry and Saudi Arabia's Commerce Ministry, enables BFRC to be a recognised laboratory for the certification of food and food products to be exported to Japan and Saudi Arabia.


PT SGS ICS INDONESIA has been accredited by INDONESIAN ECOLABELING INSTITUTE (IEI) to give ecolabeling certification to local timber industries. This Ecolabeling certification would encourage Indonesian wood and wood products exporters while assuring forest preservation.


The EUROPEAN LEISURE SOFTWARE PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION (ELSPA) has launched a Safehands best practice scheme destined to provide publishers with guidance as to which CD replicators, fulfilment companies.


The Australian Universities Quality Agency will audit from 2001 the institution and accreditation bodies of Australia for a look at the quality insurance and accreditation of Australian institution of higher learning.


Prof. Shoji SHIBA, professor of TQM at the University of Tokiwa (Japan) and at the MIT (USA) will join the Board of ISAS from September 1st, 2000, as full member. SHIBA is known all around the world for his contribution in TQM. He is the author with Alan Graham and David Walden of the best-seller “A New American TQM: Four Practical Revolutions in Management”



OCF: Organized Crime Free label for banks, financial institutions, organizations managing pension funds, notaries, lawyers, fiduciaries. The scheme is based on the ISAS-OCF:2000 standard established by Inside.Co, a Swiss company specialized in criminal networks analysis.

MSR: new certification scheme for the measurement of client satisfaction. The standard has been established by the company Management of Strategic Resources located in Lausanne.