Sustainable Systems Managers Database

This database registers the individuals who meet the requirements for Sustainable Systems Managers proposed by the European Organisation for Quality (EOQ) and the ISAS QMM 2060 Standard. They hold a university degree or equivalent and have accumulated appropriate practical workplace training (180 hours minimum) and practical experience over a minimum period of two years, part of which in quality, healthy & security, environment systems management.

Lastname Firstname Country
CANTE Jean-Philippe Switzerland
GODAT Danièle Switzerland
GROSSENBACHER Sandra Switzerland
HEDMAN Alexandre Switzerland
HOCHULI Marc Switzerland
ISTODE Marius Switzerland
MEDIC Serge Switzerland
MOREIRA RIBEIRO Yolanda Switzerland
NJITCHOUANG NONO Styven Njinang France
PAPILLON Alex Switzerland
PLANTIER Gael Switzerland
RODRIGUES Diamantino Switzerland
STOLL Alain Switzerland
VAN MESDAG Gilles Switzerland
VILLARD Clément Switzerland
WAHL Yann France